Millie Miles Event Hire Ltd - All Goods Supplied are Subject to The Following Terms and Conditions:


In these conditions the following words have the following meanings:


“Company” means Millie Miles Event Hire Ltd at the address stated at the end of these terms and include its employees.


“Hirer” means the person, firm, company, or other organisation hiring the hire goods.


“Hire goods” means any goods which are hired to the hirer.


“Hire period” means the period commencing when the hirer holds the Hire Goods on hire (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays) and ending upon the happening of any of the following events:



“Liability” means liability for all damages, claims, proceedings, actions, awards, expenses, costs, and any other losses and/or liabilities.

“Rental” means the companies charging rate for the hire of the hire goods.


Hire goods always remain the property of the company.


The HIRER must check before use, that all equipment ordered has been delivered and our attention should be drawn to any miscounts, omissions, wrong deliveries, or damaged equipment within 24 hours of delivery in order that charges may not undeservedly be made. This can be done by email, or over the telephone. No claims for deficiency or damage after this period will be entertained by the company.


The HIRER should ensure that a responsible person is at the delivery address to receive the goods.


The company reserves the right to revise hire rates, delivery/collection charges, terms of hire, product specifications, etc, without the need to give prior notice.


Receiving the Order Confirmation

Upon receiving the order confirmation, the hirer must carefully check the dates, addresses, items, and quantities to ensure everything is correct. The company cannot be held responsible for any unreported errors.


Timed Deliveries or Collections

The company is unable to guarantee specific arrival times due to traffic delays, unexpected vehicle breakdowns or delays on prior deliveries/collections. The company does, however, endeavor to offer AM (9am-1pm) or PM (1-5pm) delivery and collection slots, with the option to be called when approximately 30 minutes away.


Amendments to Orders - reductions

Reductions can be made up to 48 working hours prior to delivery/collection from the company (Monday-Friday only).

Monday – before 5pm the previous Thursday

Tuesday – before 5pm the previous Friday

Wednesday – before 5pm the Monday of that week

Thursday – before 5pm the Tuesday of that week

Friday – before 5pm the Wednesday of that week


Amendments to Orders – increases subject to availability

Additions must be made by 12 noon the day prior to delivery/collection from the company (Monday-Friday only).

Monday – before 12 noon the previous Friday

Tuesday – before 12 noon the Monday of that week

Wednesday – before 12 noon the Tuesday of that week

Thursday – before 12 noon the Wednesday of that week

Friday – before 12 noon the Thursday of that week



Collection/Return of Hire Goods

Unless previously agreed, all hire goods, MUST be packed and ready for the company to collect from 9am on the collection day that is specified on the confirmation.

When the hirer is due to return to the company, this must be made by 4:30pm on the return day that is specified on the confirmation. This is extremely important as hire goods often go back out on hire the same day or the next day.

If any equipment, which does not belong to the company, is returned to the company’s premises, the company will only hold this equipment on site for a maximum of 2 weeks, after which it will be disposed of.

If hire goods are not ready when the company arrives to collect, there will be additional charges. Additional charges include:


Items MUST be packed away in the same way that it arrived, this means:


Extra charges WILL apply if glasses are not put back into the correct crates and extra charges WILL apply if items are not placed correctly back into grey boxes


Delivery/Collection Charges

Delivery/collection is charged for using a single driver that will deliver and collect door to door only. This involves delivery and collection being made on a ground floor, flat terrain, and short distance access door to door location.

If delivery/collection is to be made elsewhere, the terrain is not flat/there is a longer distance to be made or if the delivery/collection requires 2 x people, etc. the company MUST be told so that the company can see if they can offer this service, and if so, additional delivery/collection charges will apply. Please note, if we are not told prior to, these additional charges will be charged back to the hirer post event.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure adequate parking is available, whilst we deliver and collect.

If, to enable us to deliver/collect a hirers order, our vehicles must go into any zones such as a congestion or ULEZ zone etc., this additional charge will be applied to the hirers order either at time of order, or post collection, depending on the circumstances.


Delivery and Collection Times and Days

Standard delivery and collection times and days are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

If the hirer requires delivery and collection outside of these times, let the company know so it can be checked if this would be possible. If possible, additional charges would apply, these additional charges would be included at the time of booking.

Please be aware that during busy periods, delivery, and collection times, may be a little earlier/later than the company’s standard times (9am-5pm). The company would inform the hirer if this was the case.

Any change to the company’s standard delivery and collection times and days, are made at the discretion of the company.


Cancellation Charge

Cancellation of order more than 7 days prior to delivery date will not incur any cancellation charge.

-7 days prior to delivery - 50% of hire charge + VAT

-72 hours or less prior to delivery - 100% of hire charge + VAT



If the government impose restrictions that result in events not legally being able to proceed, and the order has not been loaded on the van and/or out for delivery, at the discretion of the company, cancellation charges may be waived

-If government restrictions come into place after the order has been loaded on the van and/or out for delivery, full cancellation charges will still apply

-In the event of illness, self-isolation, etc., cancellation charges will still apply

The company must be notified in writing if an order needs to be cancelled and an acknowledgement email confirming the cancellation will be sent to the hirer. If the company is not made aware that the order needed to be cancelled, full cancellation charges will apply.


Responsibility of Hire Goods

Ownership of the hire goods always remains with the company. The hirer named on the confirmation is responsible for the equipment, including boxes, crates, and linen bags, for the period of the hire. The hirer named on the confirmation, is also responsible for any loss or damages that occur to the hire equipment.

Broken, damaged, lost and/or unreturned items will be charged at replacement cost. Any items that are found, are to be returned to company’s office at Weston on the Green within 14 days after the collection date

Delivery/Collection - As soon as the company have delivered the hire goods, it is then the hirers responsibility. It remains the hirers responsibility up until the moment a member of staff from the company collects the hire equipment.

Hirer Collection/Return - As soon as the hirer collects the hire goods, it is then the hirers responsibility. It remains the hirers responsibility up until the moment that the hirer returns the hire equipment back to the company’s office at Weston on the Green.


Payment of orders

The company requires full payment (cleared funds), for all orders prior to the delivery date or hirers collection date, unless otherwise agreed. Payment by BACS is the company’s preferred method of payment. If money is not received, the order will not be delivered, and the company has no liability to the hirer.


Credit account hirer – the company reserves the right to cancel, suspend or require full payment (cleared funds), prior to the hire goods leaving the company’s premises, if allowing the hire order to proceed would result in the hirer exceeding its credit limit or the credit limit is already exceeded.


Contact Number and Out of Hours Contact

The office number is 01869 351 603 (Monday- Friday 9am-5pm). If there are any problems after having received the order or during the hire period, the hirer must either email or call the office during working days/hours, or if required, the company offers an emergency backup service for out of hours and over the weekend period.  The telephone number to call is: 07843 375 643, if no answer the hirer must leave a message. The company cannot be held responsible for any unreported problems after the hire period.

Insurance of Hired Items

The hirer is fully responsible for the equipment and for providing their own insurance, if necessary, from the time of acceptance until returned to our premises. No insurance is provided by the company.


Non-availability/supply of Equipment
If for reasons beyond the company’s control any item of the hire goods, is not available for the period of hire, the company reserves the right to substitute an alternative, that will be as near as possible to the hirer’s requirements. If this happens, the company will not be liable for any loss suffered by the hirer because of the goods being unavailable.

Examples of reasons beyond the company’s control can include, but are not limited to:

- Hire goods from another order being missing, resulting in the company being short for the hirer’s order

- Hire goods that have been broken, resulting in the company being short for the hirer’s order


Faulty Equipment

Allowances may be made, for any non-use of the hire goods due to breakdown caused by the development of an inherent fault and/or fair wear and tear, only on the condition that the hirer informs the company by email or telephone as soon as possible during the hire period. The hirer needs to give the company that opportunity to repair or if possible, replace the hire goods within a reasonable time. Soon as possible does not include informing the company after the hire period.


If defective equipment is used and the company is not informed during the hire period, the company have no liability for additional damage, loss, liability, claims, costs, or expenses. The hirer shall be responsible for all expenses, loss (including loss of rental) and/or damage suffered by the company arising from any breakdown of the hire goods due to the hirer’s negligence, misdirection and/or misuse of the hire goods.

Any defective goods must be returned to the company for inspection before the company will have any liability for defective goods.

The company shall have no liability to the hirer to the extent that the hirer is covered by any policy of insurance arranged because of the contract and the hirer shall ensure that the hirers insurers waive all rights of subrogation they may have against the company.

The hirer will be responsible for the cost of all repairs necessary to hire goods during the hire period which arise otherwise than because of fair wear and tear, an inherent fault and/or the negligence of the company while carrying out routine maintenance and/or repairs.

The hirer must not repair or attempt to repair the hire goods unless authorised to do so in writing by the company.

Loss or damage to the hire goods

If the hire goods are returned in damaged, and/or defective state except where due to fair wear and tear and/or an inherent fault in the hire goods, the hirer shall be liable to pay the company for the cost of any repair required to return the hire goods to a condition fit for re-hire and to pay the rental, until such repairs have been completed. In respect of any hire goods which are lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic repair during the hire period the hirer will:


Damage to the hirers property whilst delivering or collecting

If the company is found to be liable in respect of any loss or damage to the hirer’s property, whilst delivering or collecting, the extent of the company’s liability will be limited to the retail cost of replacement of the damaged property.



Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently, courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made.  In the event of a complaint, please contact Lorna Miles (Managing Director) at: who will acknowledge the complaint within 2 working days. An investigation will then take place and within 5 working days from acknowledgement, a response will be provided.


Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability or pay compensation where the “performance or, prompt performance, of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to Force Majeure”. Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, wet or windy weather conditions, fire, pandemics, or any events “outside our control” including hirers not returning equipment, or equipment being damaged, lost or stolen, which is advanced booked to other hirers.



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